Families in Faith

Families in Faith is held four times a year between October and February.  It includes a meal and fun, all-ages activity. There is no cost to attend; that is covered by a Thrivent Financial grant. For 2017-18, Families in Faith kicked off  Oct. 29, with a a Spooky Harvest Party/. We’ll hold Wreath Making and Christmas Carol Sing-Along ta 6 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 29, hope for good snow so we can go Sledding and eat Pizza at Lutherdale Bible Camp in Elkhorn in January and have a fun, an interactive Walk Through Holy Week in late February.

Spooky Harvest Party — October 2017

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Christmas Wreath Making — November 2016

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Spooky Harvest Party — October 2016

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Carol Sing-A-Long — December 2015

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Wreath Making — November 2015

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Spooky Harvest Party — October 2015


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